Company Background

InjureFree is a product of the Agency for Student Health Research. The web-based injury reporting platform was created in response to the rising concern for athlete safety and the long-term effects of concussions.  After a four year development project, the HIPAA and FERPA compliant technology service isempowering child safety initiatives and risk management for youth sports organizations and schools.

InjureFree was designed to be a solution for organizations working to improve athlete care and is focused on providing stakeholders and caregivers a tool for the future.  In use at the youth sports, high school, college and pro levels, InjureFree provides a secure line of communication and creates a virtual “connected care eco-system” between all caregivers.  The data collected is being used by administrators to improve health outcomes within their populations and collectively throughout the world.


Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission

Integrating technology and data analysis to improve injury understanding and injury management.

Our Goal

Achieve the safest possible environment for all children.

Our Future

Creating a standard level of care that ensures all children have the opportunity to participate in an active lifestyle.