InjureFree allows injury reports to be entered anywhere and anytime

You do not need medical training – simple drop down menus

Injury reports show what happened, when, to whom, and what was done about it

Injury reporting does not have to interrupt your day or be a big inconvenience

All 50 states require reporting of concussions and require Return-to-Play/Learn clearance from a healthcare professional. Now this is all on your smartphone or computer.

Easy to check your roster from your smart phone to see who is cleared to play

Concussion training such as the CDC’s HEADS UP program is built into the system and documents completion, so you do not have to deal with a stack of papers

InjureFree makes it easy to stay in compliance

Reduces your risk since only healthcare providers can give Return-to-Play/Learn clearance

All data is stored in the cloud; no personal information is stored on your phone