InjureFree emails injury reports when your child is injured – this is in real-time

You can know what happened, when, and what was done about it

No more paper forms or notes pinned to a shirt

Plan your day better, as you will know if you need to go to the doctor, instead of waiting in the emergency room for hours at night

Schools can make data-driven decisions on the safety of playing surfaces, equipment, and many other things, and compare rates of injuries to national averages and other schools

Injury reports are HIPAA and FERPA compliant. No information is stored on anybody’s device. InjureFree is not an electronic medical record.

Every injury has a unique code to ensure your child’s privacy

Your doctor can document treatments on the system and he/she does not need an account. He/she can log on with the unique injury code sent to you.

Return-to-Play/Learn clearance can be documented in the system by your healthcare provider

InjureFree is all online, but reports can be printed if needed