Manage Student/Athlete Injuries Across All Care Settings

Unprecedented Level of Personalization & Security

  • Incident Reporting
  • Return-to-Play/Learn Clearance
  • Compliance Education
  • Sports Research
  • Providing proper documentation is the first step of the reporting and treatment process. With simple drop-down menus, you don’t have to have advanced medical training to document what happened to whom, when, and what was done about it. InjureFree allows any authorized user to create an incident report, and allows Medical professionals to classify/diagnose an injury in the initial report, or after receiving the real-time alert and evaluation.

    InjureFree provides a connected-care community. Every time an incident report is submitted or updated, all authorized stakeholders, such as the coach, athletic trainer, principal, school nurse, parent, and league manager, will be notified in real-time. Knowing the recovery status of an injured athlete may help prevent injuries resulting from returning to activity too soon. Parents can also send this incident report to their doctor to document treatments and Return-to-Play/Learn clearance.

  • After an injury, the most important thing for a child’s wellbeing is to get proper care. Our documentation platform is the best first step toward getting that care. After the initial visit with a healthcare provider, how do you know when a person can return to school or physical activity? Only healthcare providers should provide Return-to-Play/Learn clearance. And in the case of a concussion, it is the law.

    InjureFree only allows healthcare providers to give Return-to-Play clearance. There are two reasons for this. The first is that it is the law for concussions. The second is that we want to remove the social pressures that occur in sports, which can result in a child being put back into a game, when their body or head is not completely healed. Most bad head injuries occur when a person returns to play too soon and sustains another impact to the head. We never want to see that happen. InjureFree helps protect people through connected and transparent communication.

  • When coaches, athletes or parents are required to complete a training module such as concussion education, our Compliance Education documents completion, so you do not have to deal with a stack of papers.

    Easily see at a glance who has not yet completed their required training needed before participating in sports.

    Educational materials and videos can be built into the system to customize the concussion education experience for your population.

  • InjureFree simplifies incident reporting with a mobile, real-time solution. The simple to use drop down menus allow for fast and easy incident reporting with customized questions help you have data to compare injury rates to make data-driven decisions on the safety of playing surfaces, equipment, and many other things, and compare rates of injuries to national averages and other clubs or schools.

    InjureFree is HIPAA and FERPA compliant, no information is stored on anybody’s device. Researching and comparing injuries help to establish child safety initiatives and risk management for athlete sports

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Improving Athlete Care

InjureFree, a product of the Agency for Student Health Research, is the web-based incident
reporting platform created in response to rising concern for athlete safety and the long-
term effects of concussions. InjureFree was designed to be a solution for organizations working to
improve athlete care, and is focused on providing stakeholders and caregivers a tool for the future.
In use at the club sports, high school, college and pro levels, InjureFree provides a secure line of
communication and creates a virtual “connected care ecosystem” between all caregivers.

The HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant technology service is empowering child safety initiatives and risk
management for organized sports organizations and schools. The information collected is being used
by administrators to improve health outcomes within their populations, and collectively throughout
the world.

Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission
Our Mission

Integrating technology and data analysis to improve injury understanding and injury management.

Our Goal
Our Goal

Achieve the safest possible environment for all children.

Our Future
Our Future

Creating a standard level of care that ensures all children have the opportunity to participate in an active lifestyle.