InjureFree is a technology service empowering athlete safety
initiatives and risk management for organized sports.

Modernize your sports organization management with mobile-based incident reports sent in real time to medical staff, administrators, coaches, parents, and other authorized users - all in the connected care ecosystem.


Increase both convenience and security by going paperless on an entirely digitized system. No more paper forms, stored in cardboard boxes, waivers misplaced by athletes or parents, or missing doctor’s notes.


Decrease compliance concerns with incident processes that are HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant. Personal information is not stored on any local devices, and only authorized users can access the system. InjureFree is not an electronic medical record.

health insurance

Manage risk and easily access athlete rosters from a smartphone, tablet, and other mobile smart devices. See critical risk management and safety updates in real-time, like seeing who has been cleared by a medical professional to Return-to- Play/Learn.

Online education

Utilize the extensive - and growing - coach education library, making it simple and easy to keep coaches and administrators in compliance with capabilities for pre-season requirements, concussion training education, and other educational modules built into the system.


Inform decision-making with organization-specific dashboards. Utilize this information to analyze injury rates for healthcare and insurance, or to make operational decisions on the safety of playing surfaces, equipment, and many other facets that contribute to sport safety.

Statistically Driven Decisions Help Reduce Risk

Compare Injury Rates

  • See all injuries by sport, team, or type
  • Compare injury rates at the local, regional, and national level
  • View specific injury causes with easy drop-down menus

Easily Create Reports

  • Makes it easy to comply with state concussion laws
  • Provide reports to your league or district
  • Data allows cost-effective decision-making

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