InjureFree works with your team to manage your athlete safety programs and keep athletes safer. Through our comprehensive suite of products, we help where you need it most.  


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Safer athletes, less paper, more data

Injury reporting is one of the most important aspects of youth sports safety. It helps prevent preemptive return to play, protects the organization from liability, and aggregates valuable data to direct proactive policy reform. 

Streamline your investigations

Proactive measures and timely response to misconduct reporting are vital to child safety. InjureFree’s Investigation Management service allows a trusted third-party provider to review misconduct reports in a timely manner and provide guidance on the next steps. This ensures that all cases are examined carefully and securely while helping to protect everyone involved. 

Athletic Trainers, without the headache

Athletic Trainers are integral to athletes' safety. InjureFree’s Athletic Trainer Placement Service provides a turnkey solution when event organizers need Athletic Trainers for their sports events. Whether it's connecting with an independent Athletic Trainer or teaming up with local health systems, we ensure that the right Athletic Trainers are properly trained and available to you. Let us handle administrative tasks, including billing and payments!   

Easy and effortless compliance management

Safeguarding sports involves various proactive measures and policy development to protect athletes, volunteers, and organizations from harm. Compliance refers to adhering to any rules and laws that apply to your organization, including volunteers and injury management. InjureFree makes it easy to manage all aspects of Safeguarding & Compliance so you don’t have to! 

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Why InjureFree

At InjureFree, our products are dedicated to enhancing athlete safety, both on and off the field, by streamlining organizational processes. Our suite of products is meticulously designed to maximize efficiency and deliver tangible value to our users. We're driven by a mission to address the most crucial areas where safety measures are paramount in athletic environments.