Our products make athlete safety easier for your organization and your volunteers. We aim to drive efficiency for your organization and help you comply with local, state and federal laws. We aim to provide value where you need it most. 



Investigation Management

Proactive and timely response to misconduct is vital to prevention. InjureFree’s Investigations Management module allows a trusted third-party group to review misconduct reports in a timely manner and provide guidance on next steps. This ensures that all cases are examined carefully and helps to protect everyone involved.

Safeguarding & Compliance Management

Safeguarding in sports involves various proactive measures and policies to protect athletes, volunteers, and organizations from harm, while compliance refers to adhering to any rules and laws that apply to your organization, including volunteers. With InjureFree’s Safeguarding & Compliance Management, we make it easy and efficient to manage compliance including volunteer requirements, background checks and more! 

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Background Check Management

With InjureFree, sports organizations can select their preferred service “provider” and confidently leave the rest up to us! InjureFree manages the process from start to finish, and if issues arise, they’re handled quickly and effectively. 

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Policy Development

Policy development in youth sports involves creating rules and guidelines to ensure the ethical treatment, safety, and well-being of young athletes. With InjureFree’s Policy Development service, we assist in the creation and evaluation of diverse policies tailored to meet your needs. Each policy is customized to fit the organization's needs, including what is required by law. 

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Injury Management

Keeping track of injury management elements, like Return-to-Play clearance, is complicated. Injury Management from InjureFree makes the old-fashioned paper process digital, resulting in easy and accessible reports. Injury Management also includes aggregated data reporting and real-time dashboards to ensure all caregivers are up to date with the information they need.  

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Athletic Trainer Placement

Athletic Trainers are integral to athletes' safety. InjureFree’s Athletic Trainer Placement Service provides a turnkey solution when event organizers need Athletic Trainers for their sports events. Whether it's connecting with an independent Athletic Trainer or teaming up with local health systems, we ensure that the right Athletic Trainers are properly trained and available to you. Let us handle administrative tasks, including billing and payments!   

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Virtual AT

Technology plays a huge role in sport safety. Through our partnership with Upswing Health, InjureFree’s Virtual Athletic Trainer program offers a solution to connect and easily receive advice from an Athletic Trainer. Utilizing telemedicine, your Athletic Trainer on-demand provides guidance on injury management or advice on where to seek in-person care when you are out of town. It’s peace of mind for any parent of a young athlete. 

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Consumer Insurance

Parents spend a significant amount of money on sports for their kids. Through our partner AMSIS(hyperlink), we offer affordable Consumer Insurance designed to safeguard your investment in sports when injuries occur. Products from season interruption to excess medical and travel insurance. Families can choose the product that suits their needs and take comfort in knowing that their child, effort, and resources are protected.    

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Business Insurance​

While it may feel confusing and overwhelming, business insurance is crucial for youth sports organizations. Through our partner AMSIS, we offer a range of affordable and comprehensive coverage built to meet your organization's needs. From General Liability to Event Cancellation, we help to ensure your organization is shielded from potential risks. 

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Risk Management Consulting

Potential risks are an inherent component of all sports. InjureFree offers Risk Management Consulting where we work with your team to evaluate potential risks and help you determine what changes can be made to protect your organization. InjureFree will also explore and secure the best opportunities tailored to your unique needs. 

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