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Leveraging our extensive experience and pioneering approaches, we empower our partners with the tools and insights necessary to significantly reduce the risk of injury among youth.

Together, we're building a future where every young athlete can pursue their passion with confidence, supported by the highest standards of care and preventive strategies.

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What Our Customers Say


“I have been very impressed with the professionalism of the team at InjureFree. They took the time to understand our operations and craft a solution that provides us peace of mind in our athlete safety services.”
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Steve Olson, COO
National Sports Center
“The ability to leverage a trusted partner like InjureFree to manage both the sourcing and management of our Athletic Trainers is a huge benefit to us”
9. Mississippi Soccer
Chris Bently, Executive Director, MSA
Mississippi Soccer Association
“We shopped around for several months before landing on InjureFree. While other software may have similar features or design, InjureFree is the most customizable and accessible options we found."
2. The Advantage
Alisha M. Pennington, MS, ATC
Advantage Athletic Training
"We just got our Dashboard up and going, along with a de-identified version that we can share with others for grant writing purposes. InjureFree Account Services team have also uploaded the data from our Google Forms for the first part of 2023. So now we have a whole lot more data points to show. We are very pleased".
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Jason Powell, Athletic Training Administrator