About InjureFree

InjureFree aims to enhance safety in sports by providing a robust platform for injury management and prevention. 


InjureFree is a leader in the amateur sports safety and compliance management space with over 15 years of experience making amateur sports safer. InjureFree offers technology and professional services products to audiences across youth and amateur sports, including Investigations Management, Safeguarding & Compliance Management, Injury Management, and more. InjureFree also provides full-service insurance products through its insurance arm, American Sports Insurance Services (AMSIS).  These products aim to help sports organizations focus more on growing their organization and less time on administrative functions.   

Our Mission

Tremendous advancements have been made in sports safety over the last decade, just not in youth sports. It is time to implement programs that have proven effective so that our youth sports can benefit at the same level as our professional athletes. We believe this investment protects the foundation of our sports culture in the US and worldwide! Furthermore, it allows us to create the positive environment we all envision.



Meet the Team

From sales, to account management, intervention to engineering, the InjureFree team is here to help and support you every step of your journey.


Charlie Wund

Charlie Wund, Founder & CEO

Meet Charlie Wund, the heart and soul behind the Agency for Student Health Research, where his mission is to create the safest environments for our children. With a rich background as an NCAA athlete and over a decade in educational administration, Charlie's unique perspective fuels his dedication to injury prevention among youth athletes. His experience extends to being a Registered Educational Facility Planner, where he's mastered the impact of environment on children’s well-being. Charlie's passion and expertise have taken him from presenting at the International Olympic Committee Conference to advocating for children’s health in front of the New York City Council. At InjureFree.com, Charlie and his team leverage data and technology to safeguard our young athletes, ensuring they have the opportunities to thrive in sports and life.

Renee Johansson

Renee Johansson, Director of Operations

With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over a decade in operations, marketing, sales, and administration, Renee's multifaceted career is marked by her adaptability and leadership across various industries. Before her tenure at InjureFree, she was a pivotal force in Academic Affairs at the Laguna College of Art and Design, enhancing operational efficiency and team management. Renee's passion extends beyond her professional endeavors to a profound commitment to youth development, demonstrated through her active participation on boards of notable community organizations in Orange County, CA. Her leadership and advocacy underline our mission at InjureFree, propelling us forward in our quest to ensure the safety and success of young athletes.

Matt Stone

Matt Stone, Director of Client Services

With over 10 years of experience anchored in Olympic & Paralympic sport to the team at InjureFree. Matt’s experience managing risk programs at governing bodies as well as guiding strategy in the technology space make him a unique fit for the team at InjureFree. Matt guides our Account Services team to help make the smooth transition from sales to implementation and onboarding. Matt is based out of Colorado Springs, CO.

Josh Opiola

Josh Opiola, SVP of Business Development

Bringing a wealth of experience in risk management and a dedicated focus on youth sports safety. He has been instrumental in driving forward safety measures, ensuring organizations comply with the Safe Sport Act, and fostering environments where young athletes can thrive. His commitment has not only safeguarded countless young sports enthusiasts but also earned recognition for these organizations with awards like the National Council of Youth Sports "THRIVE" awards.

What Our Customers Say.


“I have been very impressed with the professionalism of the team at InjureFree. They took the time to understand our operations and craft a solution that provides us peace of mind in our athlete safety services.”
Steve Olson, COO
National Sports Center
“The ability to leverage a trusted partner like InjureFree to manage both the sourcing and management of our Athletic Trainers is a huge benefit to us”
Chris Bently, Director
Mississippi Soccer Association
“We shopped around for several months before landing on InjureFree. While other software may have similar features or design, InjureFree is the most customizable and accessible options we found."
Alisha Pennington, Owner
ATvantage Athletic Training
"We just got our Dashboard up and going . . . we have a whole lot more data points to show. We are very pleased"
Jason Powell, ATA