Virtual Athletic Trainer​

Ultimately, Athletic Trainers are crucial to athletes’ safety but are not always readily available. Fortunately, conveniently available Virtual Athletic Trainers can diagnose injuries, provide recommendations, and help get athletes back in the game quickly and safely. 



Technology plays a huge role in sport safety. Just like doctors, Athletic Trainers are using technology to stay connected with their athletes virtually through telemedicine. When employing a full-time, in-person athletic trainer is not an option; virtual athletic trainers are available to improve injury outcomes via increased access to rapid care. 

How it Works 

Through our partnership with Upswing Health, InjureFree’s Virtual Athletic Trainer program offers a solution for easily talking to and receiving advice from an Athletic Trainer. Through telemedicine, we connect you with an Athletic Trainer on-demand, directly to your phone. Imagine having an accessible and reliable Athletic Trainer in your back pocket whenever you need them. 

VAT for Schools and Sports Organizations

With multiple options for athletic departments, the Virtual Athletic Trainer gives you access to a trainer where one might not have been available before. The process is simple, you buy credits to use with a VAT, they are good forever. You use when you need them!

  • Accessible
  • Flexible
  • Efficient
20 Credits
one-time payment
20 AT Call Credits
40 Credits
one-time payment
40 AT Call Credits
60 Credits
one-time payment
60 AT Call Credits
Best Value!

For Tournaments and Events

The Virtual Athletic Trainer is also a great way to cover your tournaments & events. Start at just $395, a Virtual Athletic Trainer can be available for your event to provide primary or supplemental support to your event.


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