In sports, injuries are inevitable and can often be complicated. How you handle them should not be. InjureFree’s Injury Management solution makes it easy for Athletic Trainers, Coaches, or Volunteers to report injuries for you to track and manage. If you are hosting an event, let us help with AT Placement or leverage our Virtual AT to provide key services for you


Injury Management

Keeping track of crucial elements of injury management, like Return-to-Play clearance and gamae day injuries, can be complicated. With Injury Management from InjureFree, this old-fashioned paper process has become digital, which means easy and accessible data and reports. Injury Management also includes our Return-to-Play protocol process to help ensure that athletes aren’t back in play before they're fully recovered and approved by a medical professional. 

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Athletic Trainer Placement

Athletic Trainers are integral to athletes’ safety. InjureFree’s Athletic Trainer Placement Service helps event organizers find and manage Athletic Trainers for their sports events. Whether it's through connecting with an independent Athletic Trainer or teaming up with local health systems, we ensure that the right Athletic Trainers, who are properly trained, are available to you. Let us handle administrative tasks, including billing and payments.  

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Virtual AT

Technology plays a huge role in sport safety. Through our partnership with Upswing Health, InjureFree’s Virtual Athletic Trainer program offers a solution to easily talk and receive advice from an Athletic Trainer. Through telemedicine, we connect you with an Athletic Trainer on-demand, directly to your phone. Imagine having an accessible and reliable Athletic Trainer in your back pocket whenever you need them. 

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