InjureFree and our insurance partner, American Sport Insurance Services (AMSIS) have teamed up to provide comprehensive insurance options for consumers and businesses. We work with you to customize products to provide adequate coverage and protection for athletes and organizations


Consumer Insurance

Families spend a significant amount of money on sports for their kids. Through our partner AMSIS, InjureFree offers Consumer Insurance designed to safeguard your investment in sports when injuries occur. We offer support from season interruption to excess medical and travel insurance. Families can choose the product that suits their needs and take comfort in knowing that their child, effort, and resources are protected.  

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Business Insurance​

While it may feel like an additional organizational component to navigate, business insurance is crucial to youth sports organizations. Through our partner AMSIS, InjureFree offers a range of affordable and comprehensive coverage built to meet your organization's needs. From General Liability to Event Cancellation, InjureFree ensures your organization is shielded from potential risks.

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Risk Management Consulting

Potential risks are an inherent component of all sports. InjureFree offers Risk Management Consulting where we work with your team to evaluate potential risks and help you determine what changes can be made to protect your organization. InjureFree will also explore and secure the best opportunities tailored to your unique needs. 

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