Athletic Trainer Placement​ 

Sourcing athletic trainers is a time-consuming process from start to finish, but it is important for the athlete’s safety and the organization’s integrity. Ultimately, we take the hassle out of sourcing and managing Athletic Trainers so you can focus on hosting a successful and safe event. 



Athletic Trainers are integral to athletes’ safety. Not only do Athletic Trainers support injury prevention and management, but their on-site injury care helps organizations significantly reduce costs that would otherwise be spent on emergency rooms and escalated care. 

How it Works 

InjureFree’s Athletic Trainer Placement Service helps event organizers find and manage Athletic Trainers for their sports events. Whether it's through connecting with independent Athletic Trainers or teaming up with local health systems, we ensure that the right Athletic Trainers who are properly trained are available to you. Let us handle administrative tasks, including billing and payments.  

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